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Wireless Data Link Antennas

Yagi Y2400-9 directional point-to-point data link antennaZCG Scalar design and manufacture a broad range of antennas for wireless data transmit and receive applications operating across the frequency range
853 MHz to 5.85 GHz.

For wireless data connections anywhere in the NEXT G and GSM Band frequencies 825 to 960 MHz, you will likely find one of our cellular mobile phone antennas to be ideal for the purpose.

In the higher ISM Band frequency range 2.4 to 2.5 GHz, there are small whips, stud mount dipole antennas, omnidirectional collinears, point-to-point and Yagi directional data transfer antennas.

For 5.7 to 5.85 GHz high frequency ISM and RFID band data link communications, whether it be cordlss phone, Wi-Fi or wireless broadband, the right-hand circularly polarised "end-fired" model CP5800-15 antenna will reduce unwanted signal interference and reflections.

Use the menu at left of screen to browse the range of ZCG Scalar Data Link Antennas.

Catalogue pages are available to download for each antenna model.

Mounting brackets, mast clamps, coaxial feeder cable, connectors and other mounting accessories are all available separately to complete your data link antenna installation.

If you do not find an antenna suitable for your particular purpose, then you are welcome to Contact Us to discuss potential custom design antenna solutions.

CP2400-15 point-to-point ISM Band antenna