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FMCPY2 Cross Polarised FM Radio Broadcast Yagi Antenna

Cross Polarised Yagi FM Radio Broadcast Antennas

FMCPY2 is a cross polarised FM broadcast Yagi which covers the entire band 87.5 to 108 MHz at better than -20 dB return loss.

Constructed from aluminium, the antenna consists of 2 cross beams delivering a circular elliptical pattern.

Key features of this FM radio broadcast yagi are :

  • Cross polarisation for true circular field.
  • High power and gain achievable.
  • Full FM band coverage permits multiple broadcast frequencies and antenna sharing.
  • Long service life.

A power divider and branch feeder cables connect to the two inputs. These are available separately.

This Yagi can be ordered with N-Type Female connectors for 1,000 watts power per bay, or 7/16" Female DIN connectors for 4 kilowatts per bay.

For higher gain and power, mount the antennas in stack array formations.

U-Bolts are supplied for mounting to a mast between 50 mm and 90 mm in diameter.

A reflector screen is available for a restricted cardoid shape radiation pattern at the rear.

NOTE: Each FMCPY2 Yagi requires 2 branch feeder cables from a Power Divider. One feeder cable must be 90° electrically longer than the other. Contact ZCG Scalar for further technical advice.Download sample radiation pattern for the FMCPY2 broadcast antenna at 100 MHz

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Cross Polarised Yagi Y200CP Series

The cross polarised Yagi Y200CP Series antennas for FM radio transmit and receive will cover any 4% bandwidth you specify within the FM frequency range 88 to 108 MHz at better than -20 dB return loss.

Major benefits of this cross polarised design include :

  • Eliminate multipathing due to unwanted reflections and refractions.
  • The circular elliptical radiation pattern operates in both horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Signals will penetrate the more obscure areas that a single plane antenna simply cannot, particularly in hilly terrain or where there are trees, wire fencing and steel structures in the signal path.
Y204CP Cross Polarised FM Radio Broadcast Yagi Antenna

Constructed from either aluminium or stainless steel, 2 sets of elements are arranged in a diagonal cross pattern and the 2 driven elements are at 90° phase shift. These Yagi's are supplied with a 2-Way Phasing Harness terminated with an N-Type Female connector rated for 250 watts power.

2, 4 and 6 element models are available with gain varying accordingly from 3 dBd up to 9 dBd per plane.

The Y2300 or Y2300SS heavy duty right-angle clamp is recommended for mounting these Yagi's to a mast up to 50 mm in diameter.

For the 6 element model Y206CP, the YS1 single 2.5 metre strut kit is highly recommended to support the long 5 metre boom. Both the mounting clamp and strut kit is available to order separately.

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