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MADB Folding Base Mount Multiband NEXT G and GSM Cellular Mobile Phone Antenna for Boat, Caravan, Motor Home, Trailer or Building, 6.2 dBi gain

The MADB folding base mount antenna will improve your NEXT G and GSM cellular mobile phone receptionThe MADB cellular mobile phone antenna provides multiband coverage of both NEXT G and GSM networks combined with an effective 6.2 dBi gain.

The folding swivel base supplied is perfect for mounting to boats, caravans, a motor home, trailer, outside on the fascia board of a building or any flat surface at any angle desired using four screws or bolts.

Standing 90 cm tall, no metal ground plane is necessary for effective performance.

The MM1 folding base supplied is constructed from toughened plastic. This versatile base folds down in two directions and also swivels in the opposite plane by loosening the stainless steel pivot bolt. The antenna can be folded down flat while not in use.

5 metres of RG58 low loss stranded cable side exits from the mount ferrule. The FME female connector fitted to the cable is rated for up to 30 watts input power.

The fibreglass radome is available in 2 colours; Black or White. Specify your preference when ordering.

This MADB model is identical in appearance to the MA1100 antenna for AM/FM radio receive.

For those who prefer the ultimate in quality, durability and strength, the antenna is also available with the MM2 folding base which is constructed entirely from stainless steel. The order code is MADBSS.

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