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Improve NEXT G, GSM and 3G mobile phone reception inside your home or office

At some remote locations or inside a building, cellular mobile phone reception can often be poor. If your NEXT G, GSM or 3G cellular phone can be connected to an external antenna, then ZCG Scalar offer various antenna solutions which can be mounted outdoors to improve reception inside your home or office.

  • However please note, it is important that you must be able to receive at least some mobile phone reception outdoors at your intended location.
  • In areas where this is the case, then these omnidirectional mast mount antennas will amplify the cellular phone network transmit and receive signals.
  • Contact our RF Consultants for further advice.

NEXT G or GSM Cellular Mobile Phone Mast Mount Omnidirectional Base Station Antennas, Max-Gain 8.1 dBi

Download details for the MAX-GAIN mast mount mobile phone antennasWith 8.1 dBi gain, these mast mount models offer the maximum gain and reception range practical in a broadband omnidirectional cellular mobile phone base station antenna.

  • CM1600AM is factory tuned to cover the NEXT G network.
  • CMG1600AM is for the GSM network.

NEXT G or GSM cellular mobile phone mast mount base station antenna

The white fibreglass radome and stainless steel mount tube stands 2.4 metres tall. The antenna is matched internally by a unique transforming printed circuit board.

All components used are of the highest quality to ensure long term survival in the harshest weather conditions and environments. These antennas will deliver reliable performance for many years.

The N-Female connector located at the base of the mount tube is rated for up to 20 watts input power.

Mast mounting clamps, coaxial feeder cable, connectors, fittings, cable ties and tape are all available separately to complete the installation.

Multiband NEXT G and GSM Cellular Mobile Phone Omnidirectional Antenna Top
6.2 dBi gain

Download details for the SGDB-TPM mobile phone antennaOur popular SGDB Multiband NEXT G and GSM mobile phone antenna can be mounted outdoors at your home or office to improve reception.

Multiband NEXT G and GSM  Cellular Mobile Phone Omnidirectional Antenna Top SGDB-TPMOrder the SGDB-TPM antenna top alone, without the mobile barrel spring.
Select either a Black, Brown or White radome colour.

Key features are:

  • Multiband coverage of both NEXT G and GSM networks combined,
    825 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 2190 MHz.
  • Effective 360 degree omnidirectional performance with 6.2 dBi gain.
  • Modest size at 80 cm tall.
  • Robust construction ensuring a long service life.

5 metres of RG58 low loss solid core feeder cable side exits from the aluminium mount ferrule.

An FME Female connector is fitted to the cable for easy installation.
Other connector options are available, or an adaptor as you may require.

The stud, nut and washer at the antenna base permits these versatile mounting options :

  1. Simply secure the antenna into any 12.7 mm (½”) minimum diameter hole, route the cable and connect to your mobile phone.
  2. Fit an “L” bracket, such as our stainless steel model “GM1”, to any vertical panel or fascia board. Insert the antenna, fit the washer, tighten the nut, route the feeder cable and connect to your mobile phone.
  3. Order our model “4266” threaded aluminium mast mount adaptor, screw in the antenna and secure to a mast or hockey stick bracket with the “UB3SS” stainless steel parallel clamp. Alternatively, use hose clamps.
SGDB-TPM mobile phone antenna mounting accessories

3G Cellular Mobile Phone Super Gain Omnidirectional Antenna, 6.2 dBi

Download DetailsFactory tuned to cover the 3G cellular mobile phone network, the SGL2000 omnidirectional antenna can be mounted outdoors using any bracket with 16 mm minimum diameter hole.

Model SGL2000 Super Gain Light Antenna for the 3G Mobile Phone NetworkWith 6.2 dBi gain, the antenna will deliver consistent and dependable results with maximum efficiency, particularly where signal strength is marginal.

The high quality stainless steel spring and fibreglass radome stands 48 cm tall.

No metal ground plane is necessary for the antenna to operate effectively.

The fibreglass radome is available in either Black or White. Specify your preference when ordering. A Brown radome can be supplied, but is built to order.

5 metres of RG58 low loss cable bottom exits through the base. An FME female crimp connector is supplied.

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