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AVAIR SWR and Power Meters, 1.8 to 1300 MHz

This range of AVAIR SWR and Power Meters includes models for testing and field tuning antennas operating in various frequency ranges as listed in the table below.

They have a large clear meter for easy measurement readings. Average or PEP measurements can be accessed at the switch of a button.

  • AVAIR Model AV-200 is suitable for the frequency range 1.8 to 160 MHz.
  • AVAIR Model AV-400 can be used in the frequency range 140 to 525 MHz.
  • AVAIR Model AV-1000 is an ideal choice to replace two or three separate meters limited to different bands in the range 1.8 to 1,300 MHz.
Avair Model AV-200 SWR and Power Meter Avair Model AV-400 SWR and Power Meter Avair Model AV-1000 SWR and Power Meter
1.8 to 160 MHz 140 to 525 MHz Band 1: 1.8 to 160 MHz
Band 2 : 430 to 450 MHz
Band 3 : 800 to 930 MHz
Band 4 : 1240 to 1300 MHz

All models are an insertion type RF wattmeter and can be permanently fitted into a transmission system for continuous monitoring of station working conditions.

The meters can be operated without external power, however the built-in lamp for illumination requires an external 13.8 volt DC power supply.

Operating instructions are provided with each meter.

Download details for Avair SWR and Power Meters Download Operating Instructions for Avair SWR and Power Meters